One year using WordPress

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More than one year using WordPress!!!

What can I say about it? Well, it makes blogging easier so I can spend more time working in new content for my website than doing CMS administrative tasks (I like doing sysadmin work but I don’t have enough time for that)

One of the most important administrative features for me is the easy way to update WordPress and its plugins, some times I did that from my cellphone with just a few clicks and that’s great! From the final user point of view, I really love the simplicity when I want to create a new post (categories, tags, etc,… all in just one page),… That’s the primary objective when you use a CMS, isn’t it?

Finally, I want to mention that there’s a very interesting WordPress application available for the iPhone and iPad that I want to try so probably in the near feature I’m going to write a review about it!.

Happy Hacking!

Abner Ballardo

Abner Ballardo

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