Goodbye Joomla!

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I’ve been using Joomla for a long time, I’ve read its source code and I’ve found very interesting how its architecture has evolve but my needs and time have changed and sadly Joomla doesn’t full fill what I want.

What features I was looking for?,… Simplicity!, Simplicity!, Simplicity!. All of these years I’ve hacked Joomla to fit my needs, it was cool and challenging but it was time consuming. Themes in version 1.5.x are great and simple but the way to create and organize content remains pretty awkward for me.

Well, I won’t stop using Joomla because I have a lot of sites with Joomla but I’m changing to WordPress in my personal site. And in the near future I will change the other sites to Drupal or WordPress or maybe other CMS. I’m not quite sure, hopefully I know a lot of Drupal fans and they can give more reasons to use the popular Drupal.

So far, the migration was pretty simple and probably in a next articule I’ll will share the scripts I’ve created.

Abner Ballardo

Abner Ballardo

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