The power of happiness


Over the last years, I’ve been interested in happiness because there is a lot of information that you can apply in your life, it is better to try something that works for others than starting from scratch. Furthermore, trying new things makes your life exciting because you learn new stuff about you. That’s why, I’m always looking for new information reading books, articles and papers; trying some ideas in my life and, sometimes, writing about what I found in my website.

This time, I’m going to share with you about the book The Power of Happiness: A Comprehensive Guide to Daily Joy and Well-Being by Timothy McKinney. In my opinion, it’s a great book with a lot of useful information that you can apply in your life. For sure, after reading it, you will end with a lot of next actions and things to try, like me.

The most important thing I learned from Timothy’s book is that life isn’t supposed to be easy (Chapter 11). It sounds simple but I’ve never thought of it that way. I used to assumed that I was unlucky when some events happened in my life but that’s not true. Life is not easy! So you can better enjoy the challenge of living assuming that it won’t be easy and also practicing non-attachment.

I also found a relationship with Pragmatic Thinking & Learning by Andy Hunt. Both agree that you can rewire your brain (Refactoring your wetware in Andy’s book). So if you want to be happier you should rewire your brain by changing your attitude and having happy thoughts. In such a way, your brain will rewire itself for happiness.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book, it’s easy to read and you won’t stop because all the information is very interesting and useful for you life.

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